issue #05

come together

EDITOR's Letter

Greetings to a very promising and encouraging first quarter of the year. The year 2018 started with a very global shout out against sexual assault and support to women’s empowerment. The Time’s Up movement, founded in January 1st 2018, have sparked a worldwide conversation. Continuing from a very powerful end of year period in 2017, with the #MeToo movement, the domino effect keeps progressing. People are speaking out against violence and bigotry. Both movements were embraced by all: people of all races, all income groups, all religions and beliefs. 

A similar development is also happening here in Indonesia, a Komnas Perempuan (National Commission on Violence against Women) commissioner stated that; “based on the commissions 2017 documented reports, victims (and survivors) are beginning to come forward to report their cases, not only from major cities but also from smaller districts.” An act that was once considered taboo and suppressed to conceal, now is (in the effort to be) accommodated with the space and avenue to never again be silenced but to be protected. This consolidated report is a work conducted by the coordination of energy and effort of many, that are: the women’s crisis centres, police forces, state courts, civil society organizations, legal aid institutes, hospitals, concerned citizens, and the consent will of strong survivors and victims. 

Another local phenomenon is the women’s march in Indonesia, that was in 2017 only attended by 400-ish participants in Jakarta, but in 2018 have managed to grow its squad to a whopping 1000-ish folks, ranging from: women, men, transwomen, transmen, youngsters, adults, senior citizens, and even pets. And that the march is also celebrated in 12 other cities in Indonesia. The march was a feminist march, that was a platform for these 1000-ish human beings to demand an end to gender-based violence. 

Whether it is in Hollywood or in Jakarta, the fact is people are coming together to stand up for what is right, and that courageous “voices” are gradually breaking the silence. 

And although progress is growing, there are still tons of work to be done. There are still perpetrators that needs to be prosecuted, and policies to be renewed, improved, and standardized. 

And through this issue, Freakmagz announce that empathy, solidarity, and collective action is paramount. 


We are stronger together, when we Come Together. 


Camaraderie Love,