issue #04


EDITOR's Letter

As we welcome the month of August, we celebrate two important things: International Youth Day on 12th of August, and the de facto proclamation of Indonesian Independence on 17th August. Both are topics that is dear to Freakmagz, so we thought we would marry the two this year and give you an edition with alternative narratives on Youth and Independence.

The two terms are merged into various articles, that will share personal views on the interplay between contexts of youth and independence. 

But what do we mean by youth and independence? 

Youth, for a start, has various definitions. It changes with circumstances (demographic, financial, economic, and socio-cultural settings). Some placed it between the age cohort of 15-24, some said it ends at the age of 30, while others at 35 years old, etc. 

Freakmagz agrees to the rationale that youth is a fluid age-group, and it is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence. That, following the Indonesian Child Protection Law, youth is above 18 years old. And, diplomatically maxed somewhere along the 24 – 35 years age cohort, depending on the locality of the setting. 

Independence is then considered as the ability, space and access to act freely (by law and society) based on one’s choice, one’s rights. And, when we talk about independence, we also talk about freedom. Likewise, conception on freedom is also different in many societal settings especially in regard to the way it is exercised, together with the limitations and constraints it entails. 

Through this issue, Freakmagz voice out its support to youth’s rights to fundamental freedom and independence, and opens a dialogue on the borders of freedom and how these borders deliberate youth’s lives. Formulated with angles on love, culture, music, personal identities, and sociopolitical milieus, this August issue endeavors to bring about honest voices to the much celebrated term: independence, and how it associates and serves youths.


Youthful Love,