issue #03

working hours

EDITOR's Letter

The month of May is known as the period to celebrate the labourers, the working class. Although the labor movement is much appreciated to achieve this commemoration, some folks are still uncounted and disregarded of the term celebrated as workers. To some other, although already reckoned, is still facing constraints. It is still, like most activism, an ongoing effort! For instance, the intersections and limitations of work (formal/ informal/ non-formal), especially for women, transgenders, and difables, have been the barriers that disrupts their work space. Til this day, we can frequently find narratives and experiences that engages all the biased perceptions and sexist practices of work, therefore the struggle is still rocky.

FreakMagz celebrates May (Day), by also taking account its unmet objectives and voice out its irregularities to campaign a more comprehensive endeavor for the advancement of quality and equality laboring, in the country.


Labor of Love,