issue #01


EDITOR's Letter

January 2017, is the first issue of FreakMagz. We would like to take the opportunity of the first issue to introduce a little bit of our FREAKY soul through the pieces published on this first issue. The first issue is themed: FREAK. The word FREAK has always been associated with something quite negative. And it tends to be frequently used towards something and/or someone that is out of the conventional conformity. We at FreakMagz want to reclaim the word FREAK as an element that is distinctively unique, an individual character that makes human beings, human. FreakMagz acknowledges the term into something you embrace as: acceptance of individuality; familiarizing diversity; and respecting the space of non-standardized and unconventional characters. All in all, taking real account of pluralism into the diversity of plurality.


Freaky Love,