Inclusion Rider as Equity Provider

By now, we are all familiar with that famous two words cited by Frances Mcdormand at the 90th Oscars on her Best Actress speech: “Inclusion Rider”. I, like other millions of viewers, went directly to google and searched the meaning of it. Then, WHAM! As soon as I got clarity on the essence of the term, my love for Frances Mcdormand boosted even higher.

So what is Inclusion Rider, anyway? In short, is a strategy to increase and strengthened equity in the film industry.

Why equity? Because with equity, we are more than only treating people as equals, but also realizing and acknowledging people’s differences and then giving them fair space to provide their unique needs to level in the playing field - the industry.

4. Inclusion Rider as Equity Provider.png

You see, in this day and age, even Hollywood hasn’t been quite comprehensive in practices of equity, especially to casts and crews. Shocker, shocker! And since that powerful statement by Frances M. at the Oscars, more folks are participating their gesture to support the “inclusion rider” act. This is how cool Frances M. have contributed in booming the promotion of provision on substantial inclusive and diversity clause, in contractual agreements surrounding La La Land. And, we’re hoping that the virus spreads across the globe.

Since end of last year and the start of this year, we are introduced with many solidarity and camaraderie movements, naming from: #MeToo, #Time’sUp, #Women’sMarch, #MarchforOurLives, and of course #InclusionRider. All of these collective actions contain alike ingredients, such as: empathy, solidarity, support, and mostly a secure arena to break the silence and advocate a just environment. An environment where people can exercise their individuality in a safe space without discrimination and fear of exclusion, harassment, and even violence.

In this digital era of: posts, likes, comments, and shares, we witnessed a lot of people participating in the conversations and advocating the causes through social media accounts and platforms. And, that’s of course a good thing. But, let us all hope that people are not only digital endorsers, but engage as active agents of change to reflect and embrace the values and principles put forward by the movements.

Because what is a movement without moving people to engagement.

FreakMagz can recommend you some starter tips to commence in acting upon the great narratives advocated by the movements, mentioned above. Whether its #InclusionRider, #WomensMarch, or every other equity and justice movement, can relate to some of our tips below:

First and foremost:

be RESPECTFUL to yourself and to others.




BE NICE, and others (hopefully) will be nice back.


DO NO HARM, unless it’s a self-defense against a dimwit.


SPEAK UP and FIGHT BACK (if you can). Don’t be afraid to speak up and don’t let anyone step on you for reasons of discrimination etc.


BE INFORMED, so that you’ll have knowledge on issues and know where to seek support if you can't fight back alone.                       


have a STANCE. Always stand up for human rights, at all cause.


BE HAPPY, remember to always put your happiness first with essence of the 7 above factors in mind.

Practice those eight things regularly, accompanied with proper nutrition, regular exercise, and cool support systems, and you shall have yourself a YOU, that walks the talk. A decent human being. As simple as that.

Because there is no fancy ingredient for an inclusive and equity-based humanity except being kind to mankind.