Women's March Jakarta 2017

The Global Women’s March that happened on 21st January 2017 successfully exhibited the extravagant force of global women’s solidarity against misogyny and all patriarchal notions. Yes, the very first notion of the march was to send a bold message to the US new administration on their first day in office, but as concerned individuals standing up for human rights, the march also electrified other societies in other parts of the world to defend women’s rights and to state to the world that Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

In solidarity, Jakarta had their march on the 4th of March 2017. FreakMagz supports the march and was part of the morning march that started from Sarinah Building and resides in front of the Monas gate across the State’s Palace. It was such an exhilarating momentum, to be part of such march, such cause, such solidarity. There were many new faces, new spirits, and new alliances in the march. FreakMagz was at most happy with the colourful participants supporting the march that Saturday morning, which includes: males, teenagers, folks from the city, communities from other provinces, and many more.

Of course the Jakarta march contextualized their march to issues regarding the discrimination, subordination, and violence against women, men, LGBTIQ in Indonesia. We voiced out our concerns and solidarity to the happenings in Indonesia, as well as in solidarity with the unfortunate events that are happening in the US and the world.

The march is an ongoing struggle, until we have a non-misogynist society, in Indonesia and all over the world.  

Here are several pictures to give you a feeling of what happened in the women’s march Jakarta.