For The Love of Choice

Abortion has always been and is still a problematic issue for centuries. I bet there is always small talks about it in every corner, whenever you are hanging out with your friends. Since we’ve been talking about this issue discretely and so forth, why not try to delve into this debate, peeps!

Lets establish the facts first before going into more complicated debate. For the past decades, there is an increase in cases on abortion in Indonesia. The Jakarta Post published an article that says, National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) predicts there were about 2.4 million abortions in Indonesia, in 2012. Who did the abortion? BKKBN stated that around 800,000 were teenagers. Another research that was conducted in 10 major cities and 6 regencies in Indonesia, reveals that 43% of abortion happens in every 100 births (2013 Report of Australian Consortium for In Country Indonesian Studies – cited from This data shows us that even if we don’t talk about abortion openly, it happens. Although Indonesia illegalize abortion, people are aborting, the demand of abortion is huge. Perhaps this is why practices of unsafe abortions are a frenzy.

Talking about abortion in Indonesia is not easy, because we’re afraid of what people might say and think of us. There will always be one of those people that will say, “what if the fetus can speak, it will plea to be given life.”

I can even give you a rough sum up from a pro-life argument against abortion in one sentence, that “women who abort their babies are stupid, careless, irresponsible and heartless. One of the most common argument is that a women who abort is heartless because they are capable to kill their own babies or probably you will hear something like, the women is a sinner (for having sex) and for that she must be responsible for her own action.

Of course, I do stand on the other side from those kind of perspectives, because I am a freakz, and because I believe women are as smart as men to make any decision, but for the sake of an argument lets try to delve more in this debate.

The first typical argument: “women are heartless”, this thinking try to mobilize our opinions to think that women who abort are heartless because they are capable to kill their baby. Well, the fact is: a fetus is not the same like a baby, but yes they can potentially grow into a human. When the fetus is under 12 weeks old they are living organism, but they can’t feel any pain. And, in my humble opinion, it is an insult to women if you are saying that women who abort their pregnancy on 30 weeks older are stupid. These women took a high risk through severe pain procedures to terminate their pregnancy. Logically speaking, no one want to take that risk. Again, this is a prejudice to most women who wants to terminate their pregnancy while the truth is a more complex issue than what it may generally seem.

For example, some cases of abortions are due to unwanted pregnancies. Some opt for abortions because there are risks of neglection (to the babies). Just google Romanian case in 1966 and you will see massive number of neglected orphans left out in a nightmarish state orphanage or abandoned children who has special needs/psychological problems. What does it tell us? Life is not any better for this babies/children, the mother, and even the state. Moreover, if you ever think about it, the cost of living for babies is the responsibility of the parents, or in most stereotypical cases, it is the mother’s responsibility. Can you imagine if you are a teenager who does not have a secure income and unsure about your life, but you need to be responsible for the life of one tiny life? It is not easy. Some say you can give up your baby for adoption, but remember this, the mother is the one who must endure the whole process be it physically nor mentally.  So, what I want to say is, the pro-choice argument is a pro-human argument because it provides women and their prospective-children the opportunity to have a quality of life.

The second typical argument: “women is a sinner and therefore it is their responsibilities and punishment”. FYI, having a consent intercourse is not equal to the consent to become a mother. Additionally, the arguments compel reproductive function as the sole obligation for women, so when the pregnancy happens, then women is not expected to deny it. Think about this through, how many women/young women has access to contraceptives? And even more basic than that is the fact that no contraceptives ensure 100% protection. Secondly, we as human always have a choice to make the best of our life. This is exactly what I am talking about, why not we give choice to women to choose the best option for their life? (although I am so tired to repeat this argument), Women (as a sane and a smart human) has the sole right to their body, and yeah I guess now everyone will throw rocks at me and say: “what about the rights of the fetus?”. Okay Gang, let’s pretend that the fetus can talk (and they want to live because life is so good, so they say…) do you think they want to be born out of a depressed mother, poor mother, unready mother or a mother who doesn’t want them to live. Therefore, when we talk about pro-choice it is a call for women’s well-being and the aim for a prospective life. Because, we do believe that women are not heartless, and must be given the right to be able to make decision over their own body. Oh and one more thing, don’t forget that a fetus sustains its life to a women’s body, thus it is impossible not to recognise the bodily authority of women as the fetus’ ‘host’.

In sum, pro-choice is recognizing that women have authority to make decision over their own body. However, you can only digest this message if you understand women as rational and smart human beings. This stance promotes responsible parenthood and better quality of life through empowering women to determine the choices over her own body. After all, I believe that motherhood must be a celebration and not a punishment, because I know that respecting life for the baby can only be achieved if we guarantee the well-being of their mothers. Lastly, for the love of choice, I believe that “choice” will bring a better future for women and their children.