Jelly Belly Love

Illustration and story by Candrika Soewarno.

Illustration by  Candrika Soewarno.

Illustration by Candrika Soewarno.

My belly, whenever he feels uncomfortable or restless, is the first thing that his hand and fingers look for. At first, it felt kind of weird. Because to me, my belly is not what you call "commercially" perfect. My belly is curvy, quite big, and have stretch marks in some parts. But to him, my belly is one of the most comfortable parts of my body. Sometimes he would lay on my belly while saying, “Don’t change the shape, I like this belly for the way it is and everything you are, even if you think it’s imperfect”. And so eventually, his freaky loving habit towards my belly, taught me to learn to love and value my own body with all of its imperfections.