On Steaming Hot Relationship

Question: How do I have a steaming hot relationship without having sexual intercourse? I’m a virgin by choice, and my boyfriend was sexually active with his previous ex. What do you suggest?



Dear FReAK,

Generally, the ideal relationship requires commitment, intimacy and passion. In practice, respect is also crucial for both parties. In your question, you chose to have a relationship that is based on commitment and passion, and it’s perrrrrrfectly okay. Because it is your right to choose that way and never ever forget to put yourself first and have respect for yourself.... as well as the relationship you are in. A steaming hot relationship could be established through any type of mutual agreement. But, it should be clear and equal for both of you, so that no one will be disadvantaged. Since it’s a principle, do not ever compromise your value for other’s pleasure. Relationship should be enjoyed by both parties.

In the FreakMagz dictionary, we always highlight equality in healthy relationship. Both parties should take and give proportionately (unless otherwise consensually agreed by both). It’s important to start the relationship with a dialogue, discussion and mutual agreements. Having said so, it would ease your relationship. And most importantly, don’t forget to have FUN and do variation of activities to color your relationship. If your boyfriend was sexually active in his previous relationship, well it must be a challenge for him that he must fulfill as part of his commitment and respect towards you. Wishing you a warm, fun and respectful relationship!


Freakily yours,


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